Sustainable Brewing

In the desert, water is precious.

Borderlands Brewing Company takes its social responsibility very seriously. We are a proud member of Conserve 2 Enhance a local organization that helps residences and businesses conserve water. We strive to reduce our water needs and reuse water whenever possible. We only use cleaning chemicals that are safe and non-toxic, and we send nothing down the drain that doesn’t belong in our water table. We live where we brew, and we know that the only thing better than good beer is good water. Not all styles of beer can be made from all types of water. The natural water chemistry and mineral content can have a profound impact on the brewing process, and we choose to craft beers that work very well with water from the desert Southwest. The alternative would be to distill our water and add back in the appropriate minerals. However, this is a tremendously energy-intensive process, and seems irresponsible to us. Our water use philosophy means that we won’t be able to make every beer style imaginable. However, it also means that you can always be assured that our beers are deliciously appropriate for the Southwest, and that they require the least amount of energy to produce.

Borderlands Brewing Company also works very hard to limit our energy consumption. We supplement our power with TEP’s Bright Community Solar program, which reduces the amount of fossil fuels we use in the brewing process. We also optimize our distribution routs to limit the energy needed for beer distribution. Most of our beer is enjoyed just a few miles from where it is brewed. Not only does this provide fresher beer for you, but it also minimizes the fuel expended to transport beer across the country. We don’t truck in our water from St. Louis. Why should we truck in our beer?

Local beer is sustainable beer. Borderlands Brewing Company produces beer that reflects the community that enjoys it.  As part of that community, we provide our spent grain free of charge for use in composting.  A lot of time and energy goes into growing and malting the grains that we use, and we believe it’s only right that some of this energy and nutrients should be returned to the soil.  By diverting our spent grain from the landfill we help to kept our beautiful desert environment pristine and our local farmer’s and gardener’s soil rich and healthy.